FAQ: Starting a Home Internet Online Store

What is the biggest challenge in starting up a successful home online business?

Simply building a website and selling products online will not necessarily make you successful. Customers need to know who you are what you offer and above all they need to be informed of why they should buy from you over your competitors. Focus on marketing your site should be high on your priority list.

What are the most common misconceptions about managing a home online business?

It is a common belief that most people who dream of opening their own home online business will be filthy rich. Many home online business owners have made an honest attempt yet have failed. To be a success in the ecommerce world, it is very important to understand that it will not happen overnight.

How will selling online changed since the Web first began?

More and more people are shopping online. It is more convenient and less of a headache than in store shopping. Online selling has begun in the early 1990's at this time the Internet has just opened its doors to commercial use. In the start of ecommerce there was not much competition amongst merchants. However as technology progressed there has been a significant raise in the competition of merchants, Selling online has become increasingly easier and the Internet is saturated with merchants. The need for a more secure place for customers to feel safe placing orders on website made way for the rise of credit card company gateways.

How will selling online change in the future and how can I stay current?

The Internet is forever changing and in order to stay on top of the competition an online business owner must anticipate changing trends. Online business owners must be ready to adjust and adapt in response to changing trends and increased competition.

Are flashy graphics more appealing then quality text and descriptions?

Search engines will find websites that are saturated with quality text and descriptions. Design plays a major factor in converting a browser into a buyer. A great website will incorporate not only a great design but also quality text and descriptions. A great aspect of Flashecom is we are constantly updating our features and these updates are free of charge.

Should I build my own storefront or hire a professional web designer?

Many website services will offer you a box of software, and send you on your way. The next step would be to find a host to host your site. Chances are, you will find one, but will then need someone of technical expertise to help you put together your box of software and help run things smoothly. Computer programmers are not cheap to employ as they have to endure years of computer science education. Next, you will have to employ the services of a graphic designer. Again just like a computer programmer, a talented graphic designer will not be cheap. Why spend a massive amount of money on these services when you could just have a one stop shop? With Flashecom, everything you need is right here.

When should I consider alternative advertising like pay per click ads?

We strongly suggest starting off first with pay per click ads as these ads produce immediate results. However, sticking to pay per click ads for the long run will prove to be very expensive. There is also a Search Engine Optimization and it is a method that produces natural results when a search is conducted. To do a SEO marketing campaign takes 3 to 6 months to see the results in increased traffic to your site. We offer an incredible SEO program that produces lasting results and keeps you ahead of the competition.

What is the purpose of free shipping and how effective is it?

Free shipping is the number one way you can successfully convert browsers into buyers. Because many potential customers strongly dislike having to pay extra for shipping they may turn elsewhere and that may even turn to traditional brick and mortar establishments.

How can I keep my prices competitive and still make money?

When selecting a drop shipping company it is crucial that you do your homework. Do not just go with the first company who gives you a great sales pitch. Shop around and see what is the best deal can be on your products. We also highly recommend knowing your products. Educate yourself on every aspect of your product and then you can calculate how much money you can make by offering competitive prices.