Custom Design


As a leading source ecommerce development firm and web design artists we deliver dynamic websites and web applications tailored to meet the special needs of your company. Flashecom understands the importance of web design and can create professional look and feel without sacrificing your rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…Our in-house development team will work with you to ensure we fully meet your needs. It’s time to change your company image and take it to next level.


Our custom designs all include rotating banners, JQuery drop down menus, top, bottom, left and right menus, HTML5 and CSS3 all with the latest technology available in the market today.


Our experts collect your information and feedback to help translate your ideas into a professional vision. Collected data will be carefully reviewed by your account team manager for accuracy. Remarks can be made almost immediately to ensure your company identity does not suffer from such a change.


Custom professional web design can take four to six weeks for completion. During this process, we will launch a design concept within 15 days and spend the next two to four weeks reviewing and refining the site based on your input and feedback. Finally, we produce an easy to use and clean online store with search engine friendly pages.