About Flashecom

Our Corporate Philosophy and Brief History of Our Success

Flashecom was founded in 1998 with a simple mission: deliver cost effective eCommerce solutions to businesses who wanted a robust, professional, and manageable presence on the web. To ensure our profitability and appeal, we developed eCommerce solutions that met and rightly predicted our customer's needs. This was, of course, a calculated risk and one that we assumed ourselves, relying on internal funding rather than venture capital.

By assuming all the risks we found ourselves especially motivated to produce the best-applications indispensable to the online retailer and reseller. As a result, our product was well received, and we turned a profit 18 months after our company was formed. Our continuing success is reflected in our growth: approximately 25% annually-a bright spot in an otherwise slow economy.

Our customers come from multiple industries and that diversity has, in part, effectively insulated us from a soft economy. It's the power and manageability of our software, however, that has kept us profitable by making our customers profitable. We continue to provide cost effective ecommerce solutions that keep them that way.

Our Past Informs Our Futures

Naturally, as our business grows, so does our vision. When we started in 1998, the ASP (Application Service Provider) model- where hosting, maintenance, and product upgrades are all handled by one firm-was virtually unheard of. Online retailers and resellers instead turned to multiple companies, each of whom offered a "portal," or single facet of doing business online. Thus, shipping and receiving, accounting, market research, and essential services such as hosting and software integration were each provided (if they were provided at all) by different companies--companies spending millions developing software that addressed just one of the many facets of running a successful business online.

Flashecom rightly anticipated that a holistic approach to eCommerce was the most cost effective and efficient way for retailers and resellers to make it on the web. So we developed an intuitive solution, and combined it with a single comprehensive package including hosting, maintenance, and continual upgrades. In effect, a businessperson could now manage their operation from their internet browser! This strategy replaced the piecemeal approach to eCommerce that the "portal" offered. More significantly, it eliminated the need for programming experts at every level of online retail.

Our goal is to expand our existing ecommerce solutions into the broader market of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), making Flashecom software among the most sought after ecommerce solutions among businesses of any size and organizational complexity. And we're not far off. Already, our CRM (Customer Relations Management) tools, such as the Email Marketing Campaign, Affiliate Program, and Event Manager are among the finest and most comprehensive available. Combine these features with our excellent Supply Chain Management (SCM) and you have the makings of an industry leader in eCommerce enterprise.

To summarize, we are a profitable company, providing a mature ecommerce solution to a large and ever expanding customer base. We believe in continually refining our software, creating scalable ecommerce solutions that grow with your business. We are excited about our solutions and believe they're invaluable tools for business of all stripes. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.