Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online based marketing program designed for any business and/or merchants interested in increasing their online sales and/or leads. Affiliate marketing allows merchants to partner with leading affiliates, bloggers and website owners and to pay commissions only when a particular action (i.e. a lead or sale) is performed.

The primary goal of our affiliate marketing service is to offer a complete affiliate program management system. We specialize in coming up with innovative solutions in order to help our affiliate programs succeed.

Affiliate Marketing

Recommended Affiliate Networks

Comparison Table For Our Various Affiliate Services

Affiliate Management Packages SILVER GOLD GOLD
Total Monthly Cost $375 $650 $950
Total Man Hours 17 31 55
Hourly Rate $ 12 $ 11 $ 9
Number of Affiliate Networks 1 2 5
Account Set Up
Help in Conversion Code Setup No
Affiliate Website Research 25 50 100
Click Fraud Detection
Submission of Affiliate 5 12 20
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Email Support
Chat Support
Telephonic Support
ROI Calculation
Campaign Tweaking
Conversion Tracking

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