Additional Services for E-Commerce

Even with our complete e-commerce solution, you can always use a boost to make your business more profitable and easier to manage. We offer these additional services to help you grow your business:

  • Homepage, Event & Holiday Facelifts - $400
    • Your web site is more than a business card; it reflects your ability to present your products, services and yourself. We can design a page that is appealing and functional, helping to sell or promote your particular product or service to the best of its ability in the marketplace. Turn around time 7-14 days.

  • Monthly Maintenance - $350 (Samples available)
    • No time to manage a siteC"b,B&or want to be like the national chains? No problem, we can help. Sign up for our monthly maintenance package with will give you a designer dedicated to your need once every month! Have your site change like the national sites but at a fraction of the price! We are dedicated to your on line success!

      See samples here
  • Logo Design - $400 (Samples available)
    • Get noticed, brand yourself!

      Our talented designers specialize in creating effective logo designs and corporate emblems for all types of businesses. Our optimized designs are produced to be used on business cards, signs, print, media, the web, and almost anything else you want to put your logo on.

      See more samples here
  • Email Design - $400 (Samples available)
    • Keep in touch with your customers!

      The most cost effective way to advertise online is e-mail marketing. Your Flashecom solution comes with a built in e-mail campaign manager! We will create an e-mail template that matches your sites custom look and feel. Remember out of site out of mind, donC"b,b"t let your customers forget about your great products and services.

      See email samples here
  • Banner Design - $300
    • Generate the highest clickthrough rates possible!

      If you are looking to advertise on the web, you will need high quality banners to generate the highest click through rate possible. Our talented designers can capture your business essence and message in banners created in the shapes and sizes allowed for the major search engines and directories.

  • Live Chat - $49.99/mth + $50 setup
    • Interact with your visitors!

      We offer a live chat and real-time live monitoring software package that allows your business to proactively interact with website visitors. Customers like having more than one contact point and the immediacy of live chat.

  • Fraud Protection - $375
    • Stay secure!

      Help protect against credit card fraud. Our solution allows you to block an IP address with failed multi-card attempts, or repetitive single card attempts. Save money by limiting processing fees and charge backs. Fraud Protection is fully functional with Verisign and

  • Export Services - $150/mth
    • Getting your product included in online portals can dramatically increase your sales curve and the visibility of your site and brands. Our export works with Froogle, Shopzilla/BizRate, Yahoo,, to mention a few. We make it easy with our pre-configured Exports.

  • Wholesale Module - $50/mth
    • With this module you can manage both your wholesale and retail customers through the same site! When your retail customers go to your site they see retail pricing, and when your wholesale clients go to your site the pricing will change via their login. You set up their discount pricing and it will automatically apply to the retail pricing and give your wholesale or volume client a discounted price.

  • Initial Inventory Import - $199+
    • We will help you upload your products electronically, help structure your fields, and more. We will use your file to create the initial upload and teach you to use our import tool for future imports of large numbers on products.

  • Initial Inventory Import - $199+
    • Set yourself apart: The Ultimate Makeover!

      Branding is extremely important online or offline. We will create a unique identity for your company that will allow your customers to quickly recognize your products and services. Below is a list of what is included in the package:

      • Custom Logo Design
      • Tag Line/Slogan
      • Business Card Design
      • Letterhead Design
      • Envelope Design
      • Banners
  • Data Entry - $1 to $3 per item
    • Our data entry team is standing by! We are here to help you in setting up your site. Our staff can go to your supplierC"b,b"s site, and enter the items from their site to yours. The only thing you have to do is enter your selling price!

  • Description Writing - $2 to $4 per item
    • At a lack of words? No problem!

      Your site is open 24X7C"b,B&so the descriptions your products have could be the difference between a sale and a browser. Good descriptions give your products and services the edge over your competitors. Our talented staff can write descriptions for your products that are unique and create the impulse to buy!

  • Product Photography - Price per job
    • Your beautiful products deserve to look beautiful!

      Nothing sells on the web better than photographic images -- of a product, a model, or simply a friendly face. We will provide you with full photographic services designed specifically to meet your needs.

  • Voice Broadcasting - $0.12/dial
    • Description coming soon.

  • Custom Programming - Price per job
    • Description coming soon.

  • PPC Setup - $299/engine
    • Drive traffic to your site: Get ranked!

      By far the fastest growing segment of the search engine market is Pay-Per-Click search engines. The advantages are significant: you get listed in the major search engines in a matter of days instead of waiting months when you submit your site manually. This means you can start web site promotion and driving traffic to your site right away and you are in control of where your site ranks on the search engines. We will research targeted keywords, write your adds and direct you to the engines that will give you the most qualified visitors!